MARCH, My Soldiers of Solipsism! MARCH with eyes engorged, beholding nothing but a swelling abyss of impending ANOMY and embodying the absolute and uncompromising entirety of ALL. Do not smile when greeted and do not engage when confronted by the enfeebled ancestors of ADAM. Him, the first mistake! Do not confuse your corporeal likeness with kinship! Be unyielding and precise when no one wants to know and evade all lines of interrogation that do not suit your mood. There is no need to take time to rouse or ruin any particular specimen unless you are relentlessly pursued — otherwise just send them on their way to the special place they’re headed for and remain unstirred from the meter and measure of your Trance. MARCH, always alone, aloofly in awe. But remember to “smile” if by some outrageous glitch in frequency you see yourself out in the crowd somewhere. Maybe they really are there, if only for a moment, and you deserve to meet another Soul. The exception to the rule is the rule itself.